Macro MD v1.5.3180

Release Date: September 15, 2008

New Steps
  • Split Text Using Regular Expressions
  • Increment Variable
  • Decrement Variable
  • Multiply Variable
  • Divide Variable
New Features
  • 64-bit Windows XP and Windows Vista support
  • New macro scheduling framework: Macro MD now has its own macro scheduler and no longer uses Windows Task Scheduler.
  • Windows Vista compatibility for Internet Explorer steps: Macro MD now supports Internet Explorer protected mode in Windows Vista.
  • Step Templates: With step templates, you can customize the default parameters for every step.
  • New look & feel with user customizable color schemes
  • Improved help file and help system: Macro MD now includes a very comprehensive help file with detailed information on each parameter of every step, several examples and tips.
  • Improved macro editor: Macro editor can now list the available steps in a tree view.
  • Improved search: Search functionality in the macro editor can now search within the step details that are not shown in the step summary.
  • Improved macro debugger: Constants can now be excluded from the variable preview.
  • Behavior of $LastError$ variable is changed. The contents of $LastError$ is no longer deleted if the previous step is successfully executed.
  • "Parse Text" step is renamed to "Split Text"
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in Send Keystrokes step that caused inputs like "+abc" to be evaluated as "+(abc)". "+abc" type of inputs now work as expected.
  • Fixed a bug with Undo/Redo actions in the Macro Editor.
  • Fixed a bug in Loop Using Regular Expressions step that caused the "Split the text using the specified regular expression pattern" option to return empty tokens when multiple matches are adjacent to each other.