Macro MD v1.3.2934.39017

Release Date: January 12, 2008

New Steps
  • Synchronize Files (screenshot)
  • Save Window Screenshot
  • Parse Text
  • Compressed File Conditional
  • Get Web Page Information
New Features
  • New system wide constant: $MMDLOG_FOLDER$ - This constant points to the root logging folder for all macros.
  • New macro variable: $MacroLogFolder$ - This variable points to the logging folder of the current macro.
  • Added several new options to Copy Files, Move Files and Delete Files steps. With the new options, specific files can now be excluded. Moreover; the default file and folder matching method can now be changed.
  • "Get window handle" option is added to "Get IE Window Information" step.
  • "Password" option is added to the "Get User Input" step.
  • Constants are now listed in the "Extras" button's context menu.
  • Behavior of "Run Another Macro" is changed as follows:
    • If the full path is not specified for the macro, Macro MD tries to locate that macro relative to the parent macro's folder. Providing "Child Macro" or "\Subfolder\Child Macro", "..\Folder\Another Macro" will work provided that those macros exist.
    • It is no longer needed to provide the file extension (".mmdmacro") of the macro. Macro MD will automatically append the extension if needed.
  • Renamed "Match Text Using Regular Expressions" step to "Parse Text Using Regular Expressions"
  • Automatic creation of "MacroCreationDate", "MacroCreationTime" and "SampleVariable1" variables can now be disabled from the program options dialog.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the step to fail when an empty text is provided to "Write Text to the Clipboard" step.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the compressed file to be corrupted when an error happened during the compression.