Macro MD v1.2.2644.42230

Release Date: March 30, 2007

New Features
  • Added global hotkeys for the following commands
    • Stop all Running Macros: Ctrl + Alt + S
    • Terminate all Running Macros: Ctrl + Alt + T
    • Pause all Running Macros: Ctrl + Alt + P
    • Resume all Paused Macros: Ctrl + Alt + U
  • The tray icon now shows a list of recently executed macros. Macros can be run directly from that menu without opening the main window.
New Steps
  • Ping a Remote Computer
  • FTP Steps
    • Connect to an FTP Server
    • Download Files and Folders
    • Upload Files and Folders
    • Move Files and Folders
    • Rename a File or a Folder
    • Delete Files and Folders
    • Create Folders
    • Disconnect from an FTP Server
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed a bug that caused small scrollbars appear near some text fields.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented calling a macro more than once within another macro.
  • Fixed a bug with iterations which caused macro to fail when a parent macro and a child macro had a start iteration step on the same line number.