Macro MD Features

Hundreds of Available Steps
With the provided steps, you can automate every aspect of your computer. Click here for a list of all available steps.

Fully Visual Macro Editing
You don't need to write a single line of code. Everything is visual! Check out the screenshots section to see the screenshots of our state of art Macro Editor and other visual tools.

Locale Independent Architecture
Unlike most other automation programs, Macro MD is locale independent. The users can choose any language and keyboard layout they want - and everything will work fine!

Integrated Python Scripting
If the provided steps do not fulfill your needs, you can use the integrated Python scripting capabilities of Macro MD. Python scripting is a core part of every step and can be used anywhere in any step. With its available steps and integrated Python scripting capabilities, there is nothing that Macro MD cannot do.

Fully Visual Integrated Debugger
Macro MD comes with a fully visual Macro Debugger. With the integrated debugger, you can run your macros step by step and identify the errors easily. You can pause a macro at any time during its execution and investigate the current state of the macro, or edit macro variables.

Macro Triggers
You can trigger your macros using a hotkey, or a text shortcut or you can trigger macros when a specific window appears or disappears.

Macro Scheduling
You can schedule your macros to run at defined dates and times with very advanced recurrence and rescheduling options, or you can schedule your macros to run when the computer is idle. You can also schedule your macros to run when a user logs on, or when your computer starts. You can even tell your computer to logon to a specific user account to run your macros at the defined dates and times.

Superior Error Handling
Macro MD's superior error handling mechanism allows you to see the details of any error that might occur during the execution of a macro. Moreover; you can do various different things when a step fails: you can stop the execution, or ask the user what to do, or ignore the error and continue execution, or run a custom set of steps (such as sending an e-mail to the system administrator, or looking into the cause of error and trying to recover from it).

Iterations and Conditionals
Macro MD offers very advanced iteration and conditional steps. With the iteration steps, you can loop through files, folders, windows, processes, texts, ..etc and perform advanced batch processing operations. Click here for a list of all available iteration and conditional steps.