What is Macro MD?
Macro MD is a very powerful, flexible and easy to use automation tool for Microsoft Windows. Macro MD enables you to automate any task on your computer without the need to learn any scripting language. Macro MD offers forms for every command, you just have to fill in the blanks and the code will be created for you.

You can trigger macros using a hotkey or a text shortcut or you can schedule your macros to run at defined dates and times or you can trigger macros when a specific window appears or disappears.

To learn more about Macro MD, please navigate to Features, Screenshots and Tutorials sections. You can also view a Flash demo of the program in action.
Why Macro MD?
Fully visual macro creation. No coding required!
Hundreds of available commands that can be used to run applications, send keystrokes, insert data, load web pages, fill web forms, move/copy/rename files and folders, start or stop services and much more
Triggering macros via hotkeys, windows events or on a regular schedule
Locale independent
Support for conditional statements and iterations/loops
Superior error handling mechanisms
User defined variables
Logging of macro activities
Fully visual macro debugger
Integrated Python scripting for advanced users